BRON 450B Mulcher

Bron 450B Mulcher


47,900 lbs

400 HP

5.63 PSI


BRON 450B Mulcher

The BRON 450B Mulcher is the right machine to tackle jobs such as right of way clearing for seismic lines, electric and power lines, pipelines, clearing for commercial sites, recreational trails, golf courses, building lots, and forestry fireguards!

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Operating Weight With Head 47,900 lbs (21,725 kg)
Overall Width 109" (2,768 mm)
Overall Height 127" (3,225 mm)
Overall Length Without Head 273" (6,934mm)
Cab Tilting Cab with manual heat & cool (ROPS & FOPS)
Steering Joystick control
Engine Make & Model Cummins® X12
Emissions Certified T4f / Stage V
Rating 2100 rpm
Net Power 400 hp (298 kw) 450 hp peak (336 kw)
Torque(Nm) 1600ft (2169lbs)
Fuel Tank Capacity 145 gal (550L)
Ground Pressure With Head 5.62 psi (38.8 kPa) SAE-J1309
Ground Clearance 22” (558mm)
Undercarriage D5 (D6 optional)
Suspension Oscillating track frames
Travel Speed 4.1 mph (6.6 kph)



  • Bron 450B Mulcher
  • Bron 450B Mulcher
  • Bron 450B Mulcher
  • Bron 450B Mulcher
  • Bron 450B Mulcher