vintage 450

In 1974, RWF Industries were incorporated in Embro, Ontario. They began engineering innovative Add-On Drainage plows and providing services which included custom welding, repairs & manufacturing.

In 1982 the very first BRON, Self Propelled Drainage Plow was fabricated.

In 1994, BRON equipment became standardized, with drawings & documentation completed for all BRON engineered and manufactured, heavy equipment.

The Engines used in BRON products has also evolved.  Prior to 2000, all BRON Drainage Plows were equipped with Cummins Engines.  In 2001, Tier 2 Engines Caterpillar Engines were introduced. Cummins engines were no longer used in the BRON Drainage Plows. An ECM (Engine Control Modules) was also introduced on all BRON Self Propelled Plows.

The machine appearance looked different in 2002. The Operators station was completely redesigned. The cooling system was improved, and the sloping front hood was introduced.

In 2005, the first Tier 3 engine was installed in BRON Plows.

2008 saw computer controlled steering option added.

A complete redesign was introduced in 2010. A new operator’s station was launched. Machine body tilt, which was initially offered as an option as of 2001, was made a standard feature on all BRON Drainage Plows. Plus 1 Controls, were added in 2010 and the cooling system was once again updated. Both Caterpillar & Cummins Engines became available on BRON 450 & 550 Drainage Plows.

In 2016 BRON released the first DL850 Plow. Larger links & cylinders and 1700 lbs heavier than the DL750. The DL850 was made standard on the BRON 550.

In 2018 the BRON 550, underwent a complete remodelling. A new mainframe was designed. A tier 4 engine was installed. Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is required with this model. The cab layout was reconfigured, a larger improved Cooling Package was installed, A rotary actuator now powers the onboard reel. A larger drive package which gives the contractor faster travel speeds and improved torque is available as an option. The DL850 Plow is standard. The new machine is the BRON 585.

2019 saw the BRON 175 Utility Plow, come into BRON family of drainage plows.

Today, BRON continues to expand and provide an essential service, to the agricultural and construction sectors worldwide, by offering new and pre-owned, quality custom, engineered equipment solutions; backed by a person-to-person customer service team and knowledgeable dealers.