The BRON 150P self-propelled Pipelayer is designed to perform efficiently in difficult, sensitive conditions. The 150P features full hydrostatic drive that gives the operation full control of track speed and critical link controls for sensitive hands-on side boom operation. The 150P features a 200 h.p. CAT diesel power train that gives you the power you need for operational efficiencies even in the toughest conditions. Tractor components include full hydrostatic two speed automatic drive, Sunstrand hydraulic motors and pumps, 80 gallon fuel capacity for up to 12 hours full load operation and a 65 gallon hydraulic tank. The BRON 150P is designed to maintain optimum performance in the toughest terrain with only 6.6 PSI ground pressure.

The side boom has a standard lift of 30,000/40,000 lbs. and comes fully equipped with a 2 speed planetary load line winch, single speed planetary boom winch and a 5,000 lb. counterweight.

The 150P side boom weighs 35,000/37,000 lbs. fully loaded with side boom and counterweights, with a maximum overall length of 133.5”, outside track width of 110”, the BRON 150P is easy to load and unload in even the toughest on-site conditions.